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néolys+™ AnimalCare

Revolution for our animals

Life+™ AnimalCareDevice

In 2018, get the innovative device for your animal care (horse, dog, cat,…) thanks to the Life+™ AnimalCareDevice technology. Simple, fast, efficient handy and pre-programmed, it will follow you everywhere to be your day-to-day care solution for everyday life of your best friend !

Program 1 – Wound healing / 5’45mn
Program 2 – Anti-inflammatory / 5mn
Program 3 – Muscular pain relief / 7mn
Program 4 – Skin affections and fur / 7’40mn

You device is supplied with User’s manual and carry bag. 2 years warranty (+30,000 hrs of calibrated light emissions). Produit Grand Public – reference: ACD-U

2 buttons

4 program

1 start button, 1 program button to choose on of the 4 programmed treatment: healing, anti-inflammatory, muscular, skin and fur !

Easy to use and fast

5 to 8mn programs

Fast and powerfull programs to deliver the correct wavelenght and power to treat the area, the muscular group, a wound… A natural direct action at cellular level with a non-invasive technology.

with its USB plug

Take it everywhere

Plug it to any USB powersource (minimum power requirement is 1.5A) !