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FAQ Life+™ AnimalCareDevice

Which animals can benefit from Life+™ AnimalCareDevice ?

All animals, mainly dogs, cats, horses, cattle for which you need to have a natural solution to improve wound healing, anti-inflammatory action, muscle preparation and recovery or skin care.

Life+™ AnimalCareDevice and my vet’ ?

Life+™ is not here to replace your vet’ and its experience in diagnosis and treatments ! The device will be a day-to-day complementary solution, fast, handy, efficient.

Life+™ AnimalCareDevice is the first smart light emission device using PBM Therapy available to public. If you are a professional of animal care, please check the Pro version for more.

What wavelenght in Life+™,  how powerfull is the device ?

Life+™ AnimalCareDevice delivers algorithmes of red light spectrum calibrated within the range 600-660nm. Powerfull as much bigger (and higher priced) machines, the device emits its energy (photons) on the area and deeply. This power gives a deep action and beyond the immediate treated area.


Do I need to place Life+™ AnimalCareDevice on specific areas ?

The device treats an area in few minutes ! For example, to act on a muscle contraction, place it on the area. For a wound, a bite, same ! Only make sure to put the device few inches above the open wound ! Easy and fast ! You can also use it on trigger points for muscles and joints.

My animal has regular muscle contraction due to stress, how Life+™ AnimalCareDevice can help ?

Use Program 3 (muscle). Its action will improve muscle relaxation on the applied areas.

My animal has osteoarthrisis crisis and so mobility problems, how to do with Life+™ AnimalCareDevice ?

Behind osteoarthrisis (Arthrosis is a degenerative alteration of an articulation’s cartilage due to wear and tear on the cartilage.) is an chronic inflammation of chondrocytes ! PBM Therapy is anti-inflammatory ! So its action at cellular level will help to improve a better reaction of the organism to fight the inflammation and retrieve better mobility.

My animal has a wound (bite, tick bite, surface open wound,…). what program ?

Program 1: Wound healing ! the goal (after cleaning the wound) is to stimulate natural process of tissue repair.

Is there a danger for eyes with the red light emission ? Is it laser ?

Our red light (600-660nm) produced by Life+ specific LEDs is no danger. Our device has a PBS (photobiological safety certification). Life+™ are no lasers, they don’t heat and do not endangered derma nor skin.

Is there an interest of using my Life+™ on joints ?

Yes, clearly depending on your animal needs (a very active of competition horse). Joints are interesting to prepare to effort and improve mobility. It will also be a good recovery solution after tough joint solliscitations.

What is the duration of a Life+™ treatment ? what to do after ?

The device has 4 programs that drives LEDs through light emission algorithmes (a combination of more that 15 key parameters to have the right effect and best efficiency: power, spectrum, peak, duration,…). Duration vary from 5 to 8mn. Once the session is over, the device stops automatically. Clean your device and you are done ! If your animal has winter fur, we recommand to apply a second session on the area (except for wounds that are on skin surface).

Is there any risks of using LEDs light ?

Our LED light is a cold light, it is not a laser. To date, PBM Therapy has more than 4 800 scientific studies published over the last 60 years. No negative secondary effects (clinical evaluation report) have been described to the use of PBM.

Puis-je faire plusieurs séances d’affilé au même endroit ?

Oui, en fonction de votre animal, de son poil, de sa peau (cuir). Les programmes ont été développé pour délivrer la bonne dose de lumière aux cellules en fonction des objectifs recherchés. Une fois la séance terminée, les cellules sont rechargées. Quand la cellule est pleine d’énergie, elle n’en accepte pas plus. Un peu comme une éponge pleine d’eau.

My animal has moved and I couldn’t finish the session… ?

Restart the session to be sure he gets the maximum of energy delivery. There is no risk of overdosing the light.

Is there accessories to buy ?

No. simply no…

Powerbank is not supplied, which one shall I get  and where ?

Today, you can easy find powerbanks everywhere and at a cheap price. Please check that is is minimum 1.5A.

Life+™ products have warranty ? Certifications ?

Absolutely, our products have a 2 years warranty (4 years for professional versions), they are proudly built in France and with no programmed obsolescence ! Our LEDs are given for duration of 30,000 Hours. All our devices are CE certified, CE Machinery Directive (professional) certified, PBS and CEM.