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Life+™ AnimalCareDevice

Life+™ AnimalCareDevice is the perfect tool for the well-being of your animal friend and it allows you to have a fast, efficient, non-invasive and 100% natural solution for local inflammations, muscular pain relief, skin troubles adn local wound healings. Photobiomodulation (PBM Therpay +4800 studies) uses a calibrated light emission to improve natural processes by its action on the rejuvenation at cellular level. Life+™ AnimalCareDevice is an innovation, created and made in France.

To improve wound healing in...5mn !

Stimulation of natural processes

skin lesions, bites, wounds: Clean the wound, apply Life+™ AnimalCareDevice on the area to stimulate wound healing natural process. Activated, the cell rejuvenation will improve the process in only few treatments. Calibrated red light of the Life+™ technology will stimulate cells to help clearing surface skin wounds or deeper wounds.

Anti-inflammatory action

Fight inflammation

By acting on ATP production and cell messages, Life+™ AnimalCareDevice will activate natural anti-inflammatory mecanisms of your animal. This action will stimulate natural processes at cellular level like the anti-inflammatory own natural process, relieve pain in muscle or joints and help drain accumulation of liquids in and around joints. In prevention, complementary to indications of your veterinary, the device is a precious ally for good care of your animal. An efficient solution to help its body in its combat action against inflammations.

Prepare and relax muscles

Muscular action

With animals, pain , aches and recovery situation are hard to identify, except clear signs: a horse that becomes restive, movements ledd fluid, a dog hardly moving,…
Life+™ AnimalCareDevice brings necessary energy to stimulate cells (at mitochondrial level) and help better blood flow and oxygen synthesis necessary for muscular functions. It then contributes to better muscle preparation before effort and endurance, as well as recovery.

Fur refurnish, skin troubles

Action on skin and fur

En agissant sur la stimulation des processus naturels, la lumière rouge émise par Life+ permet d’activer les mécanismes au niveau de la repousse du poil et le traitement des inflammations de peau (insect bites, ticks,…).

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