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neolys+™ AnimalCare

Is the First portable device of smart light stimulation of animal natural process at cellular level.
With neolys+™ AnimalCare the well-being of your animal will enter a new dimension with 4 light emission programs to improve rejuvenation at cellular level:
1 – Wound healing – 6mn
2 – Anti-inflammatory – 5mn
3 – Muscle pain relief – 7mn
4 – Skin and fur care – 7’40mn
For all animals, healing and day-to-day care.

neolys+™ AnimalCare  follows you everywhere !

Thanks to its USB plugging
Plug your neolys+™ AnimalCareDevice  to a powerbank and use it whereever and whenever you need to.

Any USB power source can be used (minimum 1.5A).

Handy and so powerfull !

With your neolys+™ AnimalCare you have a revolutionnary solution for your animal: anti-inflammatory action, wound healing optimization, muscle preparation and relaxation, skin care, fur care.

Fast, non-invasive, no side effects, its science !

Simple and easy-to-use, strong built in France with high quality material.
You can use it handy, anytime, any occasion when neolys+™ AnimalCare is needed to bring, in few minutes, wellness to your beloved animal friend. A non invasive, simple and fast way to treat naturally and take care of him everyday with efficiency.

Innovation & Revolution: the first powerfull handy PBM Therapy device for animal care !

Made in France

neolys+™ AnimalCare is French…Invented and proudly manufactured in France ! no programmed obsolescence, simple and efficient !

100% natural

A unique light emission technology that delivers energy to cells to enhance regeneration at cellular level.

Get your neolys+™ AnimalCare !

Discover neolys+™ AnimalCare, the innovative PBM therapy solution for day-to-day care for animals. A revolutionnary tool, portable, simple, fast and efficient !


Know it all on neolys+™ innovation and science !

Cell regeneration

Calibrated light emissions to stimulate natural processes of rejuvenation at cellular level !

100% naturel

Non-invasive, sans contraintes, efficace, effets immédiats. Préparez-vous et récupérez naturellement. Votre corps fait le boulot !

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